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In Memory of Gerrin Paul Retsel La Fleur

Oldest son of Lester and Amaryah La Fleur

Given October 5th, 2004

Taken August 19th 2009

In memory of  Sons and Grandsons

 Graeme and Cameron Deonier

Twin sons of Ray and Shannon Deonier

Given and Taken away February 26, 2002,  


In Memory of  our daughter Serenity Joi Deonier

Daughter of Anton and Jennine Donier

Born and Taken January 31st, 1976

In Memory of

Robert James Deonier

Son of Anton and Jennine Donier

Born January 14th, 1972, Lived for 4 hours

Taken by God, January 14th, 1972

                          Keep looking up Little Man & see the face of God

Enigma   by Jennine Donier, April  22, 1982

I am brave, I am beauty.

I am joy, I am life.

I am fear, I am sorrow

I am laughter, I am strife

I am a single lonely tear.

I am a rainbow, I am a song

I am where I belong.

I am the tall and stately trees

I am a gentle fresh breeze.  

I am the cold of winter

I am the cracks of ice that splinter

I am mystery, adventure, romance and love

I am all the things above.

I am a child that was loved

As a  child of God

I am free, I am me, I be.

In the Infinate Tomorrow

By Jennine Donier

August 29th, 2009

In the infinate Tomorrow I throw

Out the Question. WHY!

It is picked up on the ribboned

wind stream, the earth trembles

with a sigh

A silent scream is heard breaking

against a starlit sky

A life has taken flight leaving an emgpy cocoon behind

A new soul has gone to the heavens

This time a child!   

Gerrin with Little Brother Andrey and Bear-Bear

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