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   Heaven's Children


Celebrating the lives  of  sleeping children awaiting the resurrection and the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our children who have left us are not angels but they are attended by the heavenly angels

and in their safe keeping in the starry heavens.  

They have entered another dimension and realm beyond our own.   

Heaven's Children is Dedicated


Gerrin Paul Retsel La Fleur Born October 5th, 2004

His spirit went to dwell with our Lord Jesus Christ  August 19th 2009  while his body sleeps.  

His dreams have been postphoned. 

This site is for all who have lost young children between the age of birth and age 14.  

While we do not exclude others and the losses of loved ones both young and old.   

The little children especially lost are the loss of hope and dreams and our future.  

This site however is to give hope, comfort, and solace and we pray peace in the sufferings and loss of your beloved.  For we are all "Heaven's Children."

 Mark 10:14 Allow the children to come to Me, do not forbid prevent or hinder them, for such belongs to the Kingdom of God.  


You are invited to share your grief, your loss, your memories and to celebrate the life of your child here.  In prayer in praise, in song, poem and photos.   Tell us about your child, his or her favorite things and know as with our son and grandson Gerrin, your child  has for a little while had his or her dreams postphoned.  

 God is merciful and for some reason beyond our understanding took these children for a better future and a better tomorrow.   

If you trust and believe and know Jesus,  you know you will see and raise your child to his or her fulfillment and what God fully intended for you and your child in a better world of peace, joy, and prosperity rather than in this current world full of terror, hatred, and  strife.    


Because there is no other place out there to truly help or understand parents, grandparents and family who have lost a very young child, I created this site in celebration of my grandson Gerrin. He is missed deeply profoundly, and daily.  

But he is living in our hearts and lives and our memories as well.   

My daughter, his mom says,

"I  still have six living children, five here on earth and one in heaven waiting for resurrection."   

Hopsice and Compassionate friends though good grief counseling programs do help many in their loss of a loved one; however these organizatons did not help our family and I have run across other families who lost young children and they too came away from counseling programs feeling lost even more and bewildered.  

Losing a young child is vastly different than losing an older child, an adult family member or even having a miscarriage or stillborn child.  We mourn all these as well.

However with children aged birth to 14, we have bonded with, grown to love, and they had their hopes, dreams, and future plans cut short before their time and we lose their dreams and our hope.

It is extremely devestating, crushing and crippling of body, mind, soul, and spirit and we have walked were you may just now be walking and understand your pain and grief. There is no moving on or getting over it. Time does heal, it does soften the hurt and dull the pain but you never forget!  Just know God, in his wisdom allowed them to be taken until a better time.

 It is my goal to not only make Heaven's Children a web site but to make it a national and if possible eventually an international organization to help grieving families cope with and accept the loss of their young child, yet still be allowed to mourn "what is on hold."  For these children are a heritage and the promise of our future. When they are taken before their time it takes the very heart and soul out of us and it takes a long time to heal and accept the temporary loss of  these children.  Here you will be understood by others of us who have lived through it and are learning to accept and to cope and to make sense of what should never be.

In Celebration of  Gerrin Paul Retsel La Fleur


Born October 5th, 2004  Went to live with Our Lord Jesus August 19th, 2009

Gerrin had many hopes and dreams. He loved tractors and heavy equipment from a very young age even before he was walking he would love to play with and see "tractors."

He loved a red teddy bear his papa had and he named it Bear-Bear and he slept and took Bear-Bear everywhere with him.  He loved the bright and beautiful sunny flower known to many as a weed "The Dandelion" and would bring fistsful of them to his mom and I all summer long.  He loved anything to do with big machinery and tractors and knew most their names and what they did.  His dream in life was to fly helicopters and go from one construction site that he owned to another and be able to run any machine on the site.    He also loved music and often would pick out little tunes of his own making on my

piano and he loved dancing.  His favorite t.v show was dancing with the stars starring Derrick Hough and his sister Julianne.   

He could read and write and knew his numbers to 100 and made his first business deal in April 2009 for a broken down riding lawn mower.  His daddy got it fixed for him and he was able to take a ride on it with dad at the controls.   Much to his thrill and joy.  

He loved balloons and bubbles and his favorite color is red.   He also liked to go bicycling with his sisters and swinging.   He loved butterflies and cats.   His favorite food was cookies, chocolate chip and oreo were his two favorite with a cool tall glass of milk.  He has four older sisters and a little brother. He adored them all and loved giving gifts for them and loved planning gifts ahead for them, his parents, and extended family.   His lullaby song was "Amazing Grace."  Which he called "Amazing Grapes." He had a love for God and prayed daily for his family.   He is ever with us in our heart and memories and we sometimes hear his laugh and know he loves us still as we love him.    






This site is still under construction

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